Beat The Street

KH2 CIC helps to make ’Beat the Street’ Inclusive

Beat the Street is a walking and cycling competition for schools that was initially developed as part of the London 2012 legacy programme (for further information – see the box below). Kate met Dr William Bird of Intelligent Health ( who developed ‘Beat the Street’ at a conference. Kate suggested that there would be difficulties for some disabled children to take part in BTS because of their reliance on specialist school transport. Working with Clare Mount Specialist Sports College on the Wirral, KH2 CIC is developing a model of BTS that will allow specialist schools to take part in the global BTS challenge. The model involves creating an alternative street in the school grounds and has as much emphasis on cycling as walking. In many situations, the support and adaptations offered by a bike increases the potential for a disabled child to be independently physically active. KH2 CIC has been awarded funding by the Johnson Foundation to buy a number of specialist bikes for the project. The bikes will remain at Clare Mount School after the competition as a legacy of the project encouraging more pupils to be more active. Only its second year, The 2013/4 Beat the Street competition will run in March 2014 when Clare Mount School, as the first specialist school, will represent Merseyside against schools (to date) in Hong Kong, London, New York Reading, Southampton, and Vancouver. Clare Mount School are going to run a ‘live’ trial of Beat the Street in October 2013. Look out for further news on Clare Mount’s involvement in the project here. Beat the Street (BTS) is a global walking competition for schools. It involves children of secondary school age. This is a critical age when habits are formed and, after which, there can be a rapid decline in physical activity unless they have developed a habit of being more active. The objectives of BTS = to get more children around the world more active by involving more schools around the world.

How does it work?

BTS is a real world walking game where children compete for points by walking to and from school. Walking is recorded by children touching personalised smart cards onto electronic sensors called Beat Boxes that are placed in and around the school. The Beat Boxes send real-time data to a central database, and children can follow the competition on a website to see how they are doing compared with other children, forms, schools, cities and countries. For more information visit –